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Andrew Wallas – fellow practitioner and ‘modern day wizard’

As part of Shomit’s turn teaching at the School for Wizards, here’s a little more about its founder and leader, Andrew Wallas – a much trusted and respected colleague of Shomit’s.

Andrew Wallas has been described in the Daily Mail as a “Modern Day Wizard” who “transforms your energy”, creating “alchemical shift”. What makes him unique and effective as a course leader and in individual sessions is that he combines a searing intellect with deep intuition. His consummate skill in identifying core blocks and dysfunctional patterns results from his ability to effortlessly straddle two worlds, exhibiting a profound understanding of one’s inner and outer life. He’s been successful in an outer world sense – creating significant wealth in the City – but was ahead of the collective curve in realising 32 years ago that wealth isn’t money, it is happiness. Just as real value isn’t about bank balances; it’s about fulfilment, love, passion, freedom and joy.

The School for Wizards is a unique two year training, aimed at practitioners who seek to deepen their awareness of themselves and others. Andrew Wallas has spent over thirty years developing his powerful hybrid of spiritual psychotherapy which is immensely effective in discovering and releasing unconscious blocks which limit an individual’s capacity for joy and success.

— Shomit


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