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Shomit’s Relationships workshop – feedback

Shomit’s recent workshop, The Psychology of Relationships: a Spiritual Approach, was a wonderful success and participants were very positive in their feedback. Some comments follow…

“Amazing workshop – would highly recommend to others if held again. 5/5”

“Thank you – a wonderful experience. I could do this every Wednesday! 5/5”

“Always interesting stories and lifestyle experiences with an alternative yet positive attitude. 5/5”

“Excellent! 5/5”

“Very happy with this course and found so much to help and work with. It surpassed my expectations. 5/5”

“I have been helped in so many ways (unimaginable ways, I have to say). I am so glad that I’ve taken the initiative to learn. Thank you. 5/5”

“Very powerful key concepts, meditations and wonderful quotes + stories that illustrate the points. 5/5”

“Very illuminating and practical. Thank you. 5/5”

“This was a fantastic series. I’d love to do another one in future. Thank you Shomit! Transformative as usual. 5/5”

Click here to read more about the content of the workshop.

— The Psychology of Relationships: a Spiritual Approach, May 2015


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