About Anjali

And how she works

Anjali S. Mitter

BA (Hons.), Dip. Hyp., Dip. CBT

Therapy is a process of self discovery. It’s a journey of being able to understand how you process different feelings and emotions. It’s a process of engaging with the ups and downs of life that are both inevitable and important to go through. Most importantly, it’s about being able to understand that we are made up of different characters that each have a voice that must be listened to. Think about it, you filter your persona based on your surroundings and that’s totally necessary, but what happens when your inner child doesn’t cry about something that hurt? What happens when your adult self doesn’t take some time off work every once in a while? What happens when you don’t listen to that little voice inside your head that’s reminding you to engage with the person sitting opposite you?

Sometimes we’re led to believe that therapists have some sort of knowledge that the client needs to obtain in order to “get better”. There are a lot of people who rely on “my therapist said…” and whilst I love to be the person to which some people turn for support, that’s never been my approach to these things. Why? Because I believe that every individual is actually capable of reaching their potential without everlasting dependence on somebody else. Sure, everyone hits a bump in the road sometimes, and it’s perfectly natural to need some guidance and assistance. However, you’re always the one in control, and it’s never a case of churning out a rehearsed set of instructions for different ‘conditions’ or ‘symptoms’. I’m just here to teach you to listen to those little voices that you have inside you. I’m always listening to the parts of yourself that are looking for attention, and my goal is to help you hear those parts of yourself too, because once you can engage with yourself on the inside, the world on the outside becomes a completely different game.

Before working as I am now, I was working as a freelancer in film and television. To me, what I do now is not actually all that different in the way that I perceive the world. I was interested in film and TV because I was (and still am) fascinated by the idea of character. Actors have to be able to totally assume a different identity, and in many cases there is a natural crossover between the actor and the character that they play. Somewhere in that mix, something magical happens when actor and character become the same person and that is the moment at which there is pin-drop silence on a set as everybody watches in a slightly surreal state of limbo.

One day, I realised that actually, that’s how we all live life. We all have different characters that we embody at different times, and when those characters overlap we get a glimpse of what wholeness really, truly feels like. Working in film is what made me realise that there can be a filmic magic to the everyday, and bringing that magic into people’s lives is what I want to do with anyone looking to find it.

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