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Donna Lancaster – The Bridge.


Yesterday I attended Donna Lancaster’s presentation on her new project, The Bridge – a series of 5 day residential workshops designed to release grief and loss. While many people who had experienced the programme spoke very positively about its effects, the single most radiant advertisement for it was Donna herself. If the Bridge seeks to lead people to a more authentic way of being, Donna stood there magnificently devoid of a mask, displaying that courage to be simply and uncomplicatedly herself. This is something therapists find very hard to do, pressured as they believe they are to be forever strong and in control. To stand in front of an audience comprised of past and future participants, and to acknowledge with a smile both her strengths and her failings, usually takes courage. With Donna it didn’t seem to take courage at all – it flowed quite naturally! If that is what the Bridge can do for you, it is a course we should all take.

— Shomit


Posted in Blog on Friday, October 7, 2016