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I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections. And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly, that I am ill. I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self.

— D.H. Lawrence

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Shomit helps a range of people – from those who have encountered serious difficulties in their lives, to those who simply want to ‘fly’, to business leaders seeking to discuss the psychological aspects of business management.

Most people are held back by wounds that they have suffered some time in their past. The injury (and this can be physical or emotional) sets up a belief system that causes us to balk at the prospect of facing the same situation again.

Simply talking about such situations in therapy rarely provides a solution. If the problem is in the unconscious, it is virtually impossible for the conscious mind to access and remedy the situation. There are however techniques that allow clients to heal the original wounds such that they never bother the client again.

The sessions

Sessions with Shomit last for 60 minutes and usually take place at Shomit’s West London clinic. For clients based overseas and anyone else unable to attend the clinic in person, Shomit also offers one-to-one therapy sessions via Skype video calling.

The first session is normally just a chat: the client describes his or her situation and Shomit feeds back with what he thinks is happening at the unconscious level and how it can be dealt with. Subsequent sessions alternate between exercises that remove blocks that derive from the client’s past and those that give clients the tools they need to move forward. Shomit’s approach is essentially practical and is designed to instil capabilities – such as confidence, or power, or trust – that the client feels have been lacking.

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The process

We would all live the life of our dreams if it weren’t for the scars of the wounds we carry. The problem with wounds is not just that they hurt us at the time but that they instil fear in us in the long term. The fear causes us to tighten up and, as a result, we keep almost everything out, including the good things that we want in our lives but may be too afraid to pursue.

The solution is two-fold. First, the wound has to be re-visited to be released. This may seem daunting but it is in fact a very beautiful and reassuring experience. The key is to reach and treat the wounded sub-personality which was formed at the time of the original trauma. The sub-personality is usually enclosed in an obsessive cocoon in which the original trauma is replayed repeatedly. The exercise involves entering the cocoon and, in effect, waking up the sub-personality and making him or her aware that the traumatic experience is actually in the past. This is of course obvious to the client’s conscious mind – but, curiously, this is not at all obvious to the sub-personality who has been locked inside the bubble of fear ever since the trauma occurred. The release is then similar to that of a person who is locked inside a nightmare. While they are dreaming, they are totally consumed by their imagined fears. But when they are woken up, they step into a different reality – the reality of their bedroom perhaps, which is clearly distinct from the reality of the nightmare. They realise they were just dreaming – and are therefore released from the terrors of the nightmare. Similarly, when the traumatized sub-personality is released from the reality of the trauma, they step into a separate reality and stop seeing the world through the eye of the past.

Of course, it is not enough simply to take away the troubled past; one also has to create a positive future. The second stage of the work therefore involves doing a series of visualisations that instil a deep-seated sense of the qualities – like confidence or focus or calm – that Shomit feels the client would benefit from having. The reason the visualisations work is that they communicate directly with the unconscious (sometimes through the use of light hypnosis) in the language of the unconscious (which is the language of image and metaphor). The conscious mind may think this is absurd – but that is of no consequence because the only thing that matters is what the unconscious thinks – and of course the unconscious understands the message perfectly because it is communicated through an image. The unconscious is a mammoth resource that can achieve whatever we ask it to achieve, provided we issue an instruction with clarity and power. And that is just what a session with Shomit involves.

The combination of regression and visualisation is very powerful. By repeatedly taking away layers of trauma – and instilling a range of powerful capabilities – the reality of the client changes. In a process that clients often refer to as “magic” (but is really perfectly logical), the client begins to notice that the world is behaving differently: things that were once difficult gradually become easy. Fear gradually eases into comfort and comfort into relief and joy. This is deep, strong work, yet remarkably easy to do. A must for anyone who has suffered – and feels blocked as a result.

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