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May 2020 – a note from Shomit

We live in such unparalleled times, the future appears so full of uncertainty, that we could be forgiven for feeling that it may well be impossible to find a path to fulfil our personal goals during the months ahead.

My work has always centred around the principle that, by helping people cope with their internal world, they will then be better prepared to cope with whatever the outside world throws at them.

I have removed charges on the streams for two of my online coaching sessions until the end of June for anyone interested in experiencing my therapy virtually. The first is a session on Healing, the need for which is self-explanatory in these troubled times. The second is on relationships – because I find that many of my 1-1 clients have recently suffered huge challenges in this area of their lives.

Here’s to staying calm, being strong and making a little space for magic in our lives!

The Magic of Manifestation Session 2: Healing
How the unconscious works and how we programme it to do what we ask it to do by using the language of image and action. An introduction to the art of getting “lucky” – consistently!. This is the 2nd session of a 10 session course. Each session is 60 mins and comprises theory followed by practical (meditation).
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Relationships: love and be loved Session 1: Love from a place of power
Relationships: love – and be loved is a short 3-session online video streaming course including theory and practise sessions that really cut to the essence of what it takes to be human.
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In order to present an experience as close to one-to-one therapy as is possible, Shomit approaches the creation of his online courses with great commitment and passion. For many these courses alone are the answer to reaching a state of flow in which desires manifest almost effortlessly. For others they have provided the reassurance of a ‘stepping-stone’ before committing to one-to-one sessions, either via video calling or in person at Shomit’s London clinic.

There is no quick fix. If you are looking for a meaningful life change it will not be found in a matter of minutes; there is a process – and Shomit’s online courses are designed to guide you through that process.

Apollinaire said:
“Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
and we pushed,
And they flew.”

— Logue, Come to the edge

Shomit has trained people worldwide to turn pain into opportunity, defeat into learning and fear into love. To break through whatever holds them back from achieving higher levels of energy, serenity and success. His techniques help with everything from addiction and childhood trauma to building bigger businesses and forming lasting relationships.

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