Leadership: what it really takes

Leadership: what it really takes

Leadership: what it really takes is a short 5-session online video streaming course that gives you the essence of what you need to do to become an inspirational leader.



It teaches you:

— How to deal with the stress that can be crippling – but which you can’t confess to anyone on your team
— What it means to be “visionary” – and what it takes to see your vision through into practice
— How to inspire your team and lead them into uncharted waters – while dealing as well
with the doubters and trouble-makers
— How to build a head of steam – such that you have the momentum to ensure that your project delivers on its promises

Each session introduces a principle – and then guides you through a practical exercise that hardwires that concept into your thinking such that you inhabit it effortlessly. You want to be a leader, not someone who has interesting ideas about leadership.

Session 1: Stress
Session 2: Vision
Session 3: Stick
Session 4: Carrot
Session 5: Momentum

Once purchased you can view each session online whenever and as many times as you wish.



  1. Paul Sampson

    Following Dr. Shomit’s workshop, I now approach every new day with a real belief, and not just hope. The exercises he teaches are extremely powerful. With practice I think it’s a tool that I can use to give me the self support I feel I’ve needed for so long. It has been a life changing experience but I feel I have only scraped the surface of what is possible for me. The changes in my life during the last 4 weeks have been staggering already.

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