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Why do you throw away £3m?

Why do you throw away £3m a year chasing after an additional £400k? That is the question I hear constantly since Sam Allardyce departed as the England football team manager after compromising his position during a Daily Telegraph undercover ‘sting’.

When you are on a roll, you ride the high unthinkingly, and the momentum carries you. You feel untouchable.

What Sam Allardyce and ex-Mckinsey CEO Rajat Gupta have in common is that they both threw away highly lucrative positions by going for more – not because they “needed” it, not because it made “sense”, but because they were riding an irresistible wave.

The energy that swept away their judgement is harder to resist than one might think – and closer to us than we may imagine.

It is not just the money that seduces us, it is the stuff that flows through our veins when we begin to believe we are invincible.

— Shomit


Posted in Blog on Thursday, October 13, 2016