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The madness of mindfulness.

Great article, by Hattie Garlick, in the FT that reminds us that perhaps it’s not mindfulness that sucks, but mindfulness-light. Mindfullness as a commodity. Mindfullness neatly packaged into user-friendly, bite-sized drills. Sadly far too saleable in an instant culture.

The madness of mindfulness
With more than 1,000 to choose from, meditation apps have become a thriving industry. But can the path to inner peace really be downloaded? Hattie Garlick reports on a wellness backlash.

“There can be few things in life less Zen than standing ankle-deep in Lego shouting: “Mummy needs three minutes to be mindful right now!”

So it was that, last week, I deleted all three of the mindfulness apps that I had downloaded on to my phone. Each differed in small ways (one was supposed to make me better at productivity, another at parenting — as if these were not, in fact, the same thing). All, however, were designed to relax and focus me, perhaps even make me more content and compassionate along the way. For several months, they pinged and flashed into view throughout the day, reminding me that I urgently needed to chill out — this minute” …


— Shomit


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