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Staggering numbers ‘tip of the iceberg’.

While I can see that the numbers here are staggering – and therefore make the news – I would like to see the Guardian follow up on on stories like this and track what is actually being done about it. Journalism is at its best when it holds people to account, commends progress when it is made, and demands answers when systems fail.

“Children’s commissioner said figures including 500,000 getting care or support from the state were the ‘tip of the iceberg’.Millions of children in England are growing up in vulnerable or high risk environments, according to a pioneering report, which warns that an “unacceptably high” number face having their future chances of happiness blighted. Anne Longfield, the children’s commissioner for England, said it was impossible to know the true total and the numbers she had uncovered in a report were “only the tip of the iceberg”. Children in England sign over digital rights ‘regularly and unknowingly’ Longfield and a team of experts calculated that among the children in jeopardy were 580,000 receiving some form of care or support from the state, 670,000 whose families were seen as vulnerable and 370,000 whose actions put them at risk. Within the last group, Longfield found, were an estimated 46,000 or more gang members aged 10 to 18, almost 55,000 children reported as missing and nearly 160,000 excluded from school.”

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