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Rumi’s This Confused Story – a poem for September ’17.

This Confused Story by Rumi

Don’t burn a blanket because of one flea!
Don’t waste a day on trivial irritation,
some gnat’s headache.

Take your attention off the forms
and focus on what’s inside.

If you’re on this way, choose companions
who are also pilgrims. No matter what their shape
color, or national origin, if they are your people,
go with them.

This confused story,
like the doings of lovers, may be told up and down
and sideways, because it’s not a story.

It has no beginning or end. It’s water
Each incident-drop is self-contained, and yet not.

This is just the bare cash of how we are
in this instant you and I.

A Sufi sees that whatever happened in the past
Is completely gone. In that last story we told,
we are all now the man with his gift of water,
and the generous caliph, and the jug.

— Shomit


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