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Jim Jarmusch’s new film ‘Paterson’ is a lesson in mindfulness.


Fascinating to see a filmmaker, who has studied Zen Buddhism, make a film in which the protagonist finds contentment by going with the flow of things. While talks and conferences can try and tell us how to work in harmony with the world, films can do far more: they can show us how. Should be very instructive!

“Although filmmaker Jim Jarmusch is probably above ever using the word mindfulness, his new movie Paterson plays like an instruction manual for the meditative practice. The quiet film, which premiered earlier this year at Cannes Film Festival, centers on star Adam Driver, who portrays a low-key bus driver named Paterson, living in the town of Paterson, New Jersey.”

“He is a guy who likes routine,” Jarmusch told Men’s Journal recently at a special screening of the film. “So he doesn’t have to think about what clothes to wear, or when to be at work.”

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— Shomit


Posted in Blog on Thursday, December 29, 2016
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