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The power of the unconscious mind.

Interesting to see an article from the Science Correspondent of The Times discussing the fact that placebos ease pain even when patients know they are fake. The article credits “the power of the unconscious mind” and suggests that it is the act of swallowing the pill that triggers the remedial effect.

This bears out what I have long argued – in The Magic of Manifestation and elsewhere – that actions have more powerful access to the deep part of the mind than thought alone.

There are many teachers out there who emphasize the role of focused intention in the dynamics of manifestation. It is right and proper that they should do so. But not enough emphasis is placed on the role of action.

It is as if we have a genie within us that can achieve a lot more than we think we can achieve – but it is as if the genie only understands the language of action.

So, in the case of the placebo, the patient intends to ease his or her pain – and then takes an action which is to swallow the placebo. The conscious mind may “know” it is “only a placebo” – but that knowledge doesn’t weigh against the power of the act of taking the tablet. The sensation of swallowing the tablet is associated in the mind with a remedial outcome – and, as a result, that outcome is generated.

Actions truly do speak louder than words.

— Shomit


Posted in Blog on Saturday, October 22, 2016