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Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think.

I recently came across this excellent article on what it means to be conscious, well worth a read ….

An article on the neuroscience of infant consciousness, which attracted some interest a few years ago, asked: “When does your baby become conscious?” The premise, of course, was that babies aren’t born conscious but, instead, develop consciousness at some point. (According to the article, it is about five months of age). Yet, it is hard to think that there is nothing it feels like to be a newborn. READ THE ARTICLE HERE

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Today, based on a more differentiated understanding of both the phenomenological and neurophysiological features of dreaming, it is possible to give a relatively straightforward and affirmative answer to the question of whether dreams are conscious experiences occurring in sleep. At the same time, these new insights into the nature of dreaming require a more nuanced perspective that is capable of explaining the subtle differences between dreaming and waking consciousness as well.

The philosophy of dreaming and self-consciousness: What happens to the experiential subject during the dream state?

— Shomit


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