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Caryl Churchill’s “Blue Heart” & Leonard Cohen.


Watched Caryl Churchill’s “Blue Heart” at the Orange Tree in Richmond. In the first of the two short plays, the narrative line is constantly hijacked by one of the characters – and the play has to go back in time and begin again. This narrative structure has a rich and profound history: although Homer’s Odyssey doesn’t go back in time, the epic would have no interest for us if Odysseus’ journey home wasn’t constantly interrupted by the adventures he has along the way.

And so it is with our lives: we have a vision for the way we would like our lives to be, but that vision often gets upset both by those around us and, of course, by ourselves. Witness the headline in the news recently about Leonard Cohen: “Nobody has a life that worked the way they wanted it to.”


The trick is to revel in this process. Just as we wouldn’t go to see “Blue Heart” if the characters reached their objectives in an uncomplicated and linear fashion, so our lives would lack richness if these dislocations from the straight and narrow didn’t frequently occur.


— Shomit


Posted in Blog on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
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