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Work with Shomit

One-to-one therapy

Most people are held back by wounds that they have suffered some time in their past. The injury (and this can be physical or emotional) sets up a belief system that causes us to balk at the prospect of facing the same situation again.

Simply talking about such situations in therapy rarely provides a solution. If the problem is in the unconscious, it is virtually impossible for the conscious mind to access and remedy the situation. There are however techniques that allow clients to heal the original wounds such that they never bother the client again.

Sessions with Shomit last for 60 minutes. The first session is normally just a chat: the client describes his or her situation and Shomit feeds back with what he thinks is happening at the unconscious level and how it can be dealt with. Subsequent sessions put this plan into action, whilst always ensuring that what is learnt in theory is actually put into practice.

Shomit helps a range of people – from those who have encountered serious difficulties in their lives, to those who simply want to ‘fly’, to business leaders seeking to discuss the psychological aspects of business management.

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Workshops & talks

If Shomit’s one-to-one therapy work is directed towards helping clients overcome their pain so that they can live lives of relative normality, his talks and workshops are directed at helping participants transcend that normality in the pursuit of excellence.

The typical unit time of a workshop is a 2-hour session which involves an hour of interactive discussion around a theme, followed by a guided meditation. There is usually some homework which involves a mixture of reading and practical work.

The numbers of sessions that make up a workshop vary: there are weekly formats that stretch from 4 to 10 weeks, weekend formats, and residential retreats in beautiful locations. Group sizes vary between 15 and 50. There is no one recipe: Shomit is flexible and can accommodate most requirements, with workshops focussing on topics as diverse as love and relationships to business management.

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The Magic of Manifestation Online/DVD

Shomit’s overarching aim is to make his work accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why there are a number of ways to connect with him, the latest of which is via his online streaming service or DVD purchase available here.

Shomit introduces The Magic of Manifestation

Learn how to be what sportsmen call “in the zone”, a state of flow in which your desires manifest almost effortlessly. You will be able to access the ten 60 minute sessions at home and work with them as you please. Each session has a “theory” you back; by the end you will have accessed greater power than you ever knew you could harness. And life will arrange itself around you just as you want it to – as if by magic. Of course it isn’t magic: there is a method to all this, and you will learn how it works.

The course uniquely blends the wisdom of east and west, the approaches of the ancients and the best of modern western practice. Shomit speaks with infectious enthusiasm and clarity, and the exercises that follow are at once easy to practise and deeply transformative.

This is an interactive video course which includes guided meditations, teachings and links to homework to be completed between sessions. The course is available here via online video streaming or a 5-pack DVD presentation box set.

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