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Chairman Kato - The Magic of Manifestation - Shomit Mitter

Chairman Kato

Artist and Musician

There isn’t a teacher doing what Shomit does. Not one person I’ve come across offers a package as comprehensive as the Magic of Manifestation. It’s a pioneering work that I believe the world needs to know about – and if I have anything to do with it, it will!

Lisa Butcher

Model & Presenter of ‘What Not to Wear’

 Shomit is an extraordinary man, truly unique; every session I’ve had with him has left me feeling happy, uplifted and focused. Seeing him every week for me is a joy, he gives me tools that are easy to use in everyday life. Through meeting him my confidence and self belief have reached new heights and my relationships have healthy boundaries. I cannot recommend this very special man highly enough: he is caring, compassionate, warm, intuitive, and so very bright – you can talk to him about anything and there is nothing that he doesn’t know about or know how to handle.

Alan Watson, Medical Director, BiMAL Medical & Rehabilitation Clinic - Shomit Mitter testimonials

Alan Watson

Medical Director, BiMAL Medical & Rehabilitation Clinic

An outstanding compendium of spiritual wisdom, as east meets west with Shomit’s inimitable enthusiasm and knowledge. He has an immense understanding of the complexity of the mind and how to facilitate practical skills and techniques into overcoming the emotional and intellectual challenges of life and living.

Adam Akbar


Shomit is without doubt the most talented therapist/life-coach I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He is naturally empathetic, tremendously wise and provides guidance and counsel in an intelligent and productive manner. Shomit is about delivering real, actionable solutions to both personal and business-related problems rather than seeking to endlessly dissect and analyse issues which, unfortunately, many therapists have a tendency to do. Not only has he been a huge help for me in my life but he has provided life-changing support to many of my closest friends.

Carolena Ludwig


When I wrote my initial review of this course I said how profound it was and how modest Shomit is. This was before I had even scratched the surface, which I have subsequently done, and it goes way beyond the profound. It is fascinating, deeply liberating and such fun too.

This course is relevant to everyone – no matter how accomplished or unaccomplished you are. Whether you want to experience a better quality or balance in your life, enhance your relationships or need to make fundamental changes. They will occur and to a far greater and more magnificent degree than you can imagine. It cuts to the core and heart of all spiritual principles. It really is magic in the purest sense.

Shomit has a masterly ability to relate the most scholarly and complex of concepts comprehensibly in so many different ways (e.g. using sport, history, film, literature, science analogies) so that they resonate and become tangible to whomever he is explaining them to.

If Shomit’s course were to become part of the national curriculum and taught as effectively as he does, a seismic shift of well-being and richness would become deeply embedded into the fabric of our society.

Shomit Mitter client testimonial - Jonathan Perugia

Jonathan Perugia


 I’ve been working with Shomit for only a couple of months, and it has transformed my life. He is a great therapist – incisive, perceptive and wise. But the work he does on the subconscious is wonderfully transformative. I love his combination of traditional academic practice with spiritual knowledge and unconventional ideas, and his use of poetic, dramatic, sporting and musical analogies to enhance the processes.

I have successfully processed and let go of some deep emotional issues that were blocking me, and we are now working on major growth areas like abundance and manifestation. I am very grateful to have worked with Shomit, and for the increased happiness, energy and love I feel as a result. 

Shomit Mitter client testimonial - Claire van den Bosch

Claire van den Bosch

 Shomit worked with me for a period of time to process and release me from the effects of a significant amount of childhood trauma that several years of therapy had not yet relieved. We moved swiftly and with focus, and when we were satisfied, Shomit asked me if I’d like to spend any time with him to look to a more fulfilling future and manifest it. I was excited, especially to manifest a satisfying and connectful relationship, as my marriage of over ten years had not been a successful one. I simply could not believe how accurately and quickly my new partner showed up, complete with the tell-tale signal of ‘curious socks’ I’d agreed with Shomit! Three years on, we’re still together and happy, and what I imagined and wrote just over three years ago is realised more and more vividly between us with each passing month. Thank you Shomit!! 

Niamat Bakshi testimonial

Niamat Bakshi

Lawyer & Model

 I first met Shomit Mitter many years ago when I was at the Priory Hospital. I was anorexic and at a terribly low weight. As I write this, I am married, have two beautiful children, have worked as a lawyer for the UN and am starting the first Eating Disorders Unit in India.

My journey has been a profound testament to the power of Shomit’s work. My children are a supreme example of this given that I had, for ten years, been told by doctors in white coats that I would never have a baby. Shomit refused to accept this – and we did his Manifestation programme. I cannot describe how utterly delighted I am that I am now a mother – and have a career that is going so well. 

Shomit Mitter client testimonial - Dave Rai

Dave Rai

Business owner

Shomit started working with me at a time when I was disillusioned with my working life as an accountant. I dreaded going into work, I was not enjoying my role and I had very little disposable income. It was always a dream of mine to start my own business but at the relatively young age of 25 it seemed like an impossible feat. Shomit tackled the root of the problem which lay in my personal life and  helped me believe in myself and find the courage to make the life changing decision of leaving a job which I had worked so hard and so long to get.

Today I am in a position that I could not have imagined 5 years ago, I have a showroom in West London selling high end luxury vehicles to customers all around the world and have experienced excellent growth in the business. I feel I always had the potential to do this, however it is only the work that I done with Shomit and the power of manifestation that pushed me to do it. It wasn’t smooth sailing once the business was set up, I experienced many hurdles which could have potentially closed the business down, however Shomit helped in analysing why these problems were arising at a higher level and how I had to work on myself to resolve them. Business is not for the faint hearted and had I not worked with Shomit on the development of my character I would have easily been swallowed up and spat out by a ruthless auto industry. I still have a long way to go but I know if I continuously better myself with the help of Shomit and the power of manifestation anything is possible. Shomit, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. 

Shomit Mitter client testimonial - Vanessa Brady

Vanessa Brady


It has been about 9 months since I finished my therapy with Dr Mitter, and during that time I have thought of him often and thanked him in my meditations for helping me to begin my spiritual journey. His therapy, combined with the readings he recommended to me, have genuinely changed my life. A whole new world of understanding and the ability to find peace has been gained. His healing has such spiritual depth – it isn’t visible on the surface but once the process of awakening has begun there are so many layers to the work he does! I am very grateful to have had access to it.

Shomit Mitter client testimonial - Deborah Bowen

Deborah Bowen


Dr. Mitter’s delivery while teaching was truly full of enthusiasm which I found infectious and engaging. With his guidance I felt that I was able to better understand the power of the voice and how this could assist the client. Most of all I would like to say thanks for sharing his valuable knowledge and experiences with us all.

Shomit Mitter client testimonial - Philippa Juul

Philippa Juul


I was nervous about hypnotherapy and frightened that I might lose control and feel exposed. To my relief I found Dr. Mitter’s hypnotherapy sessions to be completely comfortable, relaxing and safe. There was never any sense that I was giving up my will and, even when I examined difficult incidents from my past, I was able to consider them without reliving the trauma. With Dr. Mitter’s help, I am gaining an increased sense of liberation from anxiety and a feeling of faith in the universe and my place in it.

Evniki Alexandropoulou testimonial

Evniki Alexandropoulou

PR Consultant

I have been sleeping extremely well since my session on insomnia with Dr. Mitter. Not only do I not have difficulties falling asleep – it will only take about 15-20 mins which is a great progress compared to before when it could take me a couple of hours – but I also do not wake up in between during the night. In fact, I wake up by myself a few minutes before my alarm goes off. Insomnia good-bye!

Also, the way I think and perceive things has definitely changed very much since we started the sessions. I got rid of a lot of baggage and am so much more positive. I am really grateful for this. A lot of changes are happening in my life and I am really excited about what the future will bring. Thank you so much!

Dr. Keith Hearne

Principal, European College of Hypnotherapy
Board Member, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

Dr. Mitter’s working style is distinctive in that he works entirely without generalised scripts. This enables him to tailor his techniques to the specific needs of each individual client instead of falling back on the ‘one size fits all’ methods used by many hypnotherapists today… A complete natural, Dr. Mitter was born to do this work.

Holly Gilbert

Holly Gilbert


Just a few shorts months ago I was flailing about, terrified of the world. Then I walked into your workshop and my life hasn’t been the same since. You have helped me not only with dispersing my issues, re piecing my fragmented soul… guiding me towards realising my dreams, giving me a sense of worldly purpose…and this is still only the beginning!

I have never experienced anything so powerful so quickly.

Paul Sampson

Ex-England international rugby player

Following Dr. Shomit’s workshop, I now approach every new day with a real belief, and not just hope. The exercises he teaches are extremely powerful. With practice I think it’s a tool that I can use to give me the self support I feel I’ve needed for so long. It has been a life changing experience but I feel I have only scraped the surface of what is possible for me. The changes in my life during the last 4 weeks have been staggering already.

Alan Dolan

Transformational Breath® Therapist

How can I possibly do justice to that experience in words? It has quite literally changed me and the way I ‘do life’… awesome and awe-inspring… thank you Shomit, your guidance and support were invaluable.

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