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Shomit Mitter

M.Phil (Oxon), Ph.D (Cantab), Dip Hyp Dip PLT&SRT

Shomit Mitter is one of London’s leading hypnotherapists. His success as a therapist is in large part due to his determination to uncover the deep-seated causes of a client’s ailment rather than simply to paper over the cracks with suggestions and affirmations. He lays a lot of emphasis on empowering his clients by teaching them techniques such as meditation so that they can maintain their state of wellbeing well after therapy is concluded. His clients take a lot of solace from the fact that he can always be reached by email, so they can receive advice at the moment of crisis rather than at a weekly slot days later.

Alan Watson, Medical Director, BiMAL Medical & Rehabilitation Clinic - Shomit Mitter testimonials

Alan Watson

Medical Director, BiMAL Medical & Rehabilitation Clinic

An outstanding compendium of spiritual wisdom, as east meets west with Shomit’s inimitable enthusiasm and knowledge. He has an immense understanding of the complexity of the mind and how to facilitate practical skills and techniques into overcoming the emotional and intellectual challenges of life and living.

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Shomit also teaches meditation workshops all over the world. The emphasis of these workshops is the pursuit of excellence: he teaches clients how to transcend their blocks, harness their power and take projects forward with focus and confidence. His work is distinguished by his ability to train his students to reach a “state of flow” where results are achieved almost effortlessly.

Alan Dolan

Transformational Breath® Therapist

How can I possibly do justice to that experience in words? It has quite literally changed me and the way I ‘do life’… awesome and awe-inspring… thank you Shomit, your guidance and support were invaluable.

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Shomit has an M.Phil from Oxford University and a Ph.D from Cambridge University. He trained as a hypnotherapist under Dr. Keith Hearne and Dr. Roger Woolger, and has spent 30 years studying ancient Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and Shamanic systems of healing. Much of his work over the years has involved an amalgamation of these systems with cutting edge modern western hypnotherapy. The results are both powerful and easy to use.

Shomit is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, and he is registered with the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Dr. Keith Hearne

Principal, European College of Hypnotherapy
Board Member, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

Dr. Mitter’s working style is distinctive in that he works entirely without generalised scripts. This enables him to tailor his techniques to the specific needs of each individual client instead of falling back on the ‘one size fits all’ methods used by many hypnotherapists today… A complete natural, Dr. Mitter was born to do this work.

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— The Magic of Manifestation is available to buy from 18.02.17

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