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There’s More to Life

A residential weekend devoted to living a more stress-free, balanced and productive life.

Session 1: Letting Go of Stress:

However difficult or contented our lives, the fact is that we all suffer from stress from time to time. And the reason this could do with some attention is that stress is a great killer: many more illnesses are a product of stress than we readily acknowledge. The technique Dr Mitter teaches derives from an ancient Indian yogic exercise which, as adapted to the modern western context, is used widely, especially by sportsmen who have to deal with high levels of stress all the time. The technique is easy to learn and extremely powerful. With practice you will grow from getting rid of stress easily to getting into a mindset whereby you don’t really get stressed at all!

Session 2: Seeing the Big Picture:

Far too often our troubles stem from the fact that we get too deeply implicated in the turmoil around us. Whether it be with a spouse or a colleague or our children, we often get so emotionally triggered by a situation that we can’t detach sufficiently to get rid of the brain fog that envelopes us. Come and learn how to gain a bit of distance from the hurley-burley. Come and see how to gain a bit of perspective from the situations you may find yourself in, such that you can act appropriately, wisely and with grace.

Session 3: Focus, Presence and Direction:

It is said that 90% of people spend 90% of their time in the past or in the future. This is a pity, because the past is sometimes full of regret and the future is often full of misgivings (which is precisely why people dwell on these aspects of their lives so much). Come and learn how to let go of past pain and future fear. Come and learn how to be fully and vibrantly “present” – and see how much more vivid and satisfying life becomes as a result. Far too often we have gorgeous meals in extraordinary restaurants – but don’t really taste the food because we are “somewhere else”. Come and learn how to open to life with every fibre of your being – and see how utterly extraordinary life can be as a result, not only in terms of your appreciation of what is already there, but, miraculously, mysteriously, in terms of your ability to change what is out there.

Session 4: Creation:

We all have dreams, things we would like more of in our lives. Sometimes we work towards these goals and achieve them, but often we fail – and accept that these things may remain forever outside our grasp. Come and learn what it really takes to bring about change in your life. Come and learn how to live your dreams: see how this is not a matter of “luck” but the application of a specific set of techniques which are really not that difficult to learn. The mistake people have traditionally made is that they seek to change the world “out there” – which is virtually impossible. The trick is to change the world “in here” – and then the world out there changes of its own accord. The results of Dr Mitter’s work in this area have been staggering. Come and share in the magic!

— Workshop outline


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