Tatler Awards, December 2023

Dr Shomit Mitter

Crippling anxiety mixed with an overactive mind can make the process of meditation nearly impossible. Cue Dr Shomit Mitter, a leading expert in hypnotherapy and meditation (among other healing modalities). Don’t expect him to wax lyrical about your planetary alignments or deploy New Age buzzword techniques though – he’s old school. Bridging Eastern and Western philosophies with a healthy amount of measured, grounded spirituality, Mitter can cut through the all-enveloping grey gauze of depression and stress, everyday fatigue and deep-rooted baggage, ultimately getting to the crux of what is holding you back. Blending his extraordinary powers of perception and innate wisdom with guided meditation and visualisation, he gently brings you into the much-coveted, peaceful ‘flow state’, a place from which you can start to bring about instrumental change and relish the gift of being fully present.

— Tatler


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