Talking clutter with Shomit Mitter

“When we think of clutter, we think of the unnecessary things in the mind. So to declutter we need to take away some of these things,” explains Shomit Mitter. “If you have a goal you need to be able to work out what you need to do to get to that goal. What people don’t do is work out what they must not do, what they must not get distracted by to reach their goal.

“People get distracted from their goal by two things principally: avoidance and attachment. On the one hand, they get preoccupied by things that scare them and the mind gets possessed with thoughts of ghastly things that might happen in the future. Or they may be wounded in some way so their mind tends to go back to the past. In both cases they are not in the present – which is all they should be focused on. This preoccupation with past pain and the future fears is of course ‘clutter’ – it is unnecessary and distracting.

“People also get waylaid by an excess of attachment: So, for example, they may want to help a friend who is in trouble, or go and see a friend’s new baby, all of which is admirable but not always conducive to starting a new business or training to be an elite sportsman.

“Part of the work I do is help my clients to let go of the interference and immerse themselves completely in the task at hand. This improves performance and leads to much higher levels of fulfilment.”

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— Declutter Your Life Magazine


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