The Magic of Manifestation Session 1: Being

The Magic of Manifestation Session 1: Being

The world “out there” and the world “in here” are mirror images of one another. So, to change the world of your experience, you must change your mode of being in the world. How to be grounded, connected and open: the basics.

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With The Magic of Manifestation you can learn how to be what sportsmen call “in the zone”, a state of flow in which your desires manifest almost effortlessly. You will be able to access the ten 60 minute sessions and work with them as you please. Each session has a “theory” you back; by the end you will have accessed greater power than you ever knew you could harness. And life will arrange itself around you just as you want it to – as if by magic. Of course it isn’t magic: there is a method to all this, and you will learn how it works.

The course uniquely blends the wisdom of east and west, the approaches of the ancients and the best of modern western practice. Shomit speaks with infectious enthusiasm and clarity, and the exercises that follow are at once easy to practise and deeply transformative.

This is an interactive course which includes guided meditations, teachings and links to homework to complete between sessions.

Purchasing this item grants you access to Session 1 via online streaming video. You can view the session whenever and as many times as you wish.



  1. Lucy Beresford

    A friend introduced me to Shomit and I shall always be grateful to her. Shomit has changed my life for the better and his course The Magic of Manifestation has been a major part of that ongoing spiritual journey. I was extremely stuck and Shomit has helped bring about seismic shifts in ways I could never have expected.

    The course itself is deeply enriching and accessible, combining powerful meditations with an invigorating reading list. And I love the way Shomit sprinkles complex spiritual ideas with pertinent illustrations from the worlds of theatre, sport, poetry and physics.

    I’ve laughed and cried throughout, but I have always grown – letting go of old patterns, opening my heart to the world, and gaining in self-confidence. Time with Shomit always leaves me feeling energised and lighter, more focused. He is that rare thing: a warm, intelligent and intuitive soul, who wants nothing more than for you to fly. Thank you Shomit, I am so grateful to be able to work with you.

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