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Relationships: love - and be loved

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Shomit introduces Relationships: love – and be loved

May 2020 – a note from Shomit

We live in such unparalleled times, the future appears so full of uncertainty, that we could be forgiven for feeling that it may well be impossible to find a path to fulfil our personal goals during the months ahead.

My work has always centred around the principle that, by helping people cope with their internal world, they will then be better prepared to cope with whatever the outside world throws at them.

I have removed charges on the stream for Relationships Session 1 until the end of June for anyone interested in experiencing my therapy virtually. I find that many of my 1-1 clients have recently suffered huge challenges in this area of their lives.

Here’s to staying calm, being strong and making a little space for magic in our lives!

Relationships: love – and be loved is a short 3-session online video streaming course including theory and practise sessions that really cut to the essence of what it takes to be human.

Everything in life is a relationship, so it is vital that we learn how to conduct ourselves in relationships in a way that optimises our place in the world. When one goes to the heart of what it takes to love and be loved, we also touch on what I believe to be core principles that really cut to the essence of the human journey. This is what can make ‘Relationships’ such a valuable course, by helping to give people a roadmap to life.

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