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Netil Radio Video Podcast.

This week I was honoured to be invited by my old friend and colleague Chairman Kato to be his guest on the first ever Netil Radio video podcast. I will share it when it goes live.

Chairman Kato is an artist, musician and former Accident and Emergency doctor. He works across painting, photography, installation art and electronic music. He also lectures and teaches.

Back in January I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Creative Takeaway …

Chairman Kato Presents
Artist, musician and writer Chairman Kato brings you The Creative Takeaway, his monthly radio show on Netil Radio. Featuring a diverse array of guests spanning the world of culture, Kato’s show is an exploration of the creative process that aims to make artistry accessible to all.Expect a tastefully curated selection of eclectic music, poetry and in depth discussion of how we can invite self expression into our daily lives.

You can listen to the show here : Shomit Mitter on Netil Radio / Creative Cloud.

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— Shomit


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