Mental Health for Children, Young Adults and Families – Wellness Curated By Anshu Bahanda

Following Shomit’s recent appearance, Anjali has been interviewed by Anshu Bahanda for her platform Wellness Curated…

‘Anjali Singh-Mitter is trained in both CBT and Hypnosis, and this makes up the core part of most work with clients. This is a multi-faceted approach that addresses cognitions and behaviour; illustrating the link between thought processes and behavioural patterns which in many cases is forgotten. Hypnosis is also a skill that can be extremely useful both at home or in sessions. Contrary to popular belief, as a client you will remain completely in control during hypnosis, and she is more than happy to chat about what hypnosis involves on the phone or via email.’

— Wellness Curated By Anshu Bahanda


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