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January 2019: Time To Shape Your Destiny.

Bin Your Baggage… Shape Your Destiny

It sounds vast, it sounds difficult – but it’s possible to learn to be free of the burdens of the past. To create a future unfettered by the baggage of past wounds.

Join me for a brand new workshop that makes even the most abstract ideas concrete and comprehensible. But more than that, a workshop that gives you easy-to-use tools to achieve what you never thought you could.


Session 1: Karma
Karma is not destiny; it is the baggage you bring into the world. Your destiny is to transcend your karma, to let go of that baggage. This is one of the deepest forms of healing, the reason we are here.

Session 2: Awakening
The Buddha said he was “awake.” Learn not just what he meant but how to inhabit the state he described.

Session 3: Manifestation
Be the proactive creator—rather than the passive recipient—of your life. Discover what it really takes.

Session 4: Presence
Be present to the presence within. Get a taste of the road ahead.

The object is not to learn about these things but to be them. Our 2-hour sessions will be divided equally between theory (a talk followed by Q&A), and practice (a guided meditation designed to help you inhabit the states of being we have discussed).

No previous experience of meditation is required: the theory is approachable and the exercises profound. You may record the exercises on your phones so that you can practice at home.

Terms like Awakening and Enlightenment have for too long been the province of mystics and sages. This workshop seeks to demystify these terms not just in theory but in practice. The object is not just to learn what it is to be “awake” but how to construct a practice such that we can achieve it. Yes, in this lifetime.

Because we are all on this road, not just the hermits and shamans to whom we ascribe vaguely defined categories of other-worldly wisdom. We don’t have to surrender our power. If being awake is being able to see through the eyes of the Divine, well that divinity is in all of us.

The question this workshop seeks to answer is: how do we unlock this deeper knowing in ourselves?

The short answer to this question—which I do believe is the only question that really matters in our lives, no matter who we are and what we do—is that awakening is achieved in a number of ways, but principal among them is letting go of the emotional baggage with which we are born. In ancient Indian thought this baggage goes under the term “karma”. It’s a popular enough term—but it is as misunderstood as it is widely known. For instance, karma is often seen as “destiny”—which is ironic because, ultimately, our destiny (the end point of our spiritual journey—awakening) is to let go of karma. So come and learn what karma really is and how one can develop robust and deep-structural ways of letting it go.

Why wouldn’t you? When it’s the only game in town. When it’s the game we are all playing deep in the subterranean recesses of our unconscious minds. Ok, so maybe you don’t buy it. Maybe you are hell-bent on being the banker or the solicitor you feel is your life’s goal. But here’s the magic: the more profoundly you do this letting go thing, the more effortlessly you achieve your goals. I have seen this in my practice for years and know deeply why it is so true.

It’s because, when you let go of baggage, you create a space for something greater than yourself to come in and take over the task at hand. Ayrton Senna alluded to this when he said God drove his car. Didier Drogba knew this when he said God played football through him. Now you don’t have to believe in God to know what a “sense of flow” is. We have all had moments when an effortlessness comes into the work, when we feel with a curious certainty that something infinitely more powerful than us is in charge. Come and learn how to harness this power to manifest what you would like to see more of in your life.

Wordsworth’s word for this force was “presence”: he wrote of this presence as “a motion and a spirit, that rolls through all things.” If this presence does indeed roll through all things, it rolls through you.

It is the divine within you, an energy that is not all flowers and light but a force with a formidable ability to shape reality, to create. Here’s a workshop that introduces you to ways of discovering that force within the everyday parameters of your life. Here’s a workshop that makes even the most deeply abstract ideas concrete and comprehensible. But, more than any of that, here’s a workshop that gives you easy-to-use tools that have helped countless clients of mine achieve what they never thought they would achieve.

Have a look at my testimonials if you are curious or sceptical. And then register to get a taste of what they first experienced on the road to healing, liberation and success.


— Shomit


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