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Eradicating Stress: What it Really Takes at YPO-WPO Morocco Conference

Stress is universal – and it is a killer. To learn how to deal with it is not just advisable: it is vital. Getting stress out of your life takes knowledge, commitment and an action plan.

The Secrets of Resilience is an extraordinary, easy-to-follow, 2-hour talk given by Shomit Mitter, one of London’s leading authorities on the subject.

It gives:

— A deep and clear understanding of how stress works
— A number of user-friendly tools to combat stress in any situation
— Techniques that will help you dramatically improve your performance at work
— Skills that will improve your relationships at home – both with your partner and your children
— Methods that are simple enough to teach your children so they get a better start in life

— Thursday 21 April 2016, YPO-WPO Morocco Conference


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