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Dr Shomit Mitter is a hard man to categorise. Yes, he’s a hypnotherapist. Yes, he mentored Booker-prize winner Arundhati Roy — who pays tribute to him in her book, the God of Small Things. Oh and he ran a multi-million pound aviation business in the nineties – and found himself being shadowed by the KGB for his pains. Why? Because he had an M.Phil from Oxford and a PhD from Cambridge and had written two seminal books on theatre – so he must have been a spy doing those aviation deals in the wilds of Uzbekistan.

But it’s Mitter the spiritual guru that interests me. He is — in the words of society bible, Tatler — “A heavy-hitting therapist to change your life”. A protégée of the late but leading psychotherapist, Roger Woolger, Mitter comes from a famous line of yogis. (His mother is a Lahiri, of Lahiri Mahasaya fame —as immortalised in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi: the book credited with introducing yoga to the west). Mitter was inspired too by his mum’s close friend, Mother Teresa. He’s now considered by many to be the new Deepak Chopra. Mitter is a teacher who can deliver fast-track — and low cost — enlightenment.

The wellness movement — an industry valued globally at $3.72tn — includes everything from yoga pants to gut retreats. There are also squillions of meditation apps through to Thrive Global’s e-courses that help seekers move from surviving to thriving. Now Mitter has opened an online shop streaming his Magic of Manifestation videos — which allow viewers to contact their higher selves for just £9 a session. But does it work and what’s his USP?

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