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Be Inspired To Fly.

by Anjali S. Mitter.

What inspires you? We all get into slight ruts in our lives, where getting up and doing your “norm” becomes our everything and we forget that there is a whole world of knowledge, culture, and nature out there to explore.

I certainly know the feeling of that rut. It’s slightly too familiar to me and if I’m honest, I’m not thrilled about how much of a rut I can get into. But yesterday I met a few friends of mine and we’re the kind of friends that can sit and talk, with meaning, for hours. It reminded me how hungry I am for more knowledge, more work, more drive, more passion, more exploration, more culture, more life.

The ins and outs of setting up a business and managing that work life is intense. I know that it takes a lot of time, effort, trial and error when it comes to the management of it, and many hours of being fully plugged into earning a living. I love my work with all my heart and I’m very fortunate to have found something that I love so much, but I also know that all areas of my life do blend together and do affect one another.

The reason I plunge myself into working so hard is that I am in love with knowledge. I am in love with learning about people and exploring different facets of the world and what we call “reality”. Reality is completely subjective, and quite frankly I don’t think there is an objective reality that exists to everyone. Our reality is what we perceive, and being able to learn more about that is something that I am so excited to dive into in an all-encompassing, total, enriching way.

Working and learning is where I feel the most alive at the moment. I’m sure that this will change as time goes on, and there are always going to be times where we’re feeling fuelled by different things. I do believe in balance, but I also believe in following a passion because it’s there to lead you somewhere. Balance can be restored, and it’s important that balance is an end goal, but don’t compromise on passion for balance. Don’t compromise on getting to where you want to get to. Don’t compromise on moving with some degree of energy. Balance is the intent, and it will always be my intention to be balanced and well rounded. But balance also comes from knowing the energies involved. I can’t be balanced if I don’t know what it is that I’m trying to balance. So let your passion drive you and let yourself fly, just don’t let your wings get burned.

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