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A lesson to us all!

Having guided me through the treacherous wilds of trigonometry and calculus, Ankur went on to scale the modestly more demanding heights of the Messner and Bass list of summits – which of course include Everest… I love his account of what the legendary leader of India’s first successful Everest expedition said to him. A lesson to us all!

“An honour to shake hands with capt ms Kohli the legendary mountaineer who led the 1st successful expedition from India to the summit of Mt. Everest. His words about himself are an inspiration for us all –

“I am an ordinary person. My life story simply proves that every human being can scale the highest peaks of achievement in his or her chosen field. No one is born great. Only challenges make one so. I am a product of supreme challenges”.

But, Of course, he is extraordinary !!!”

Ankur Bahl

source : Facebook post)


— Shomit


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