50 things you can do to boost your health right NOW – Shomit in MailOnline

Shomit appeared in a MailOnline article, originally from Healthista, on simple and quick steps to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Shomit’s tips:

Be positive
See if you can, at the end of every day, answer these three questions positively:
What did I do for my body? How healthily did I eat, did I do enough exercise?
What did I do for my mind? Did I read something of substance?
What did I do for my soul? Did I meditate, or have a laugh with friends?

Schedule some happy time
Consciously clock up happy times: schedule fun activities into your diary as you would client meetings.
Happiness is a habit, and one can get out of practice.

Read real life
Don’t read self-help books. Read biographies instead.
Be curious about what people you admire have really done.
Get a sense of the shape of a life. Your deep solutions will come from recognising the shape of your life.

Show compassion
Keep an open heart. It is when we shut down our hearts out of fear that we get hurt.
No-one hurts a person who genuinely offers love from a place of power.
See everything as either a joy – or an opportunity to learn.
There is nothing fundamentally malevolent in the universe, only exercises for the soul which we sometimes misread as pain.

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