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Awakening, Soul, Karma and Manifestation.

Wonderful day-long workshop last Sunday with the First Year students at The School for Wizards on “Awakening, Soul, Karma and Manifestation”. Which is a huge amount to get through! But Andrew has the most exquisite teaching space, and the students are a wonderful bunch, so we lived to tell the tale! Do have a look at the syllabus: Andrew has put together an utterly unique training programme.

About The School for Wizards:

This is a unique two year training run by Andrew Wallas, aka the Modern Day Wizard. It is aimed at practitioners who seek to deepen their awareness of themselves and others. Andrew Wallas has spent over thirty years developing his powerful hybrid of spiritual psychotherapy which is immensely effective in discovering and releasing unconscious blocks which limit an individual’s capacity for joy and success.

Unlike other trainings, this is not about external recognition or accreditation but internal validation. This course aims to support participants to discover their Wizard within. This is not about becoming or creating a Wizard, it is about enhancing your intuition, inner knowing and truth to align it with Universal flow. Effective work with others is not dependent on acquiring facts and knowledge or external certification; it is about the depth of our own inner journey to reveal ourselves.

The emphasis of this training is on this inner personal exploration, hence, this course is also aimed at those who are looking for a structured approach to deepening their awareness of themselves and others but not necessarily seeking to work as a practitioner. However, existing practitioners will strengthen their intuition and discover new ways of working and being with their clients.

More info HERE

— Shomit


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