Shomit Mitter is a leading London therapist. He can teach you how to be what sportsmen call 'in the zone': a state of flow in which your desires manifest almost effortlessly. Shomit's theory is straightforward: only by managing the world 'in here' will you be able to cope with the world 'out there'. Whether you are in turmoil because of serious life difficulties, or simply want to 'fly', Shomit can give you the tools you need.

Be calm, be strong and make a little space for magic in your life!

Bin Your Baggage… Shape Your Destiny

Wednesdays 23 January – 13 February 2019 @ Evolve, London. A brand new workshop that makes even the most abstract ideas concrete and comprehensible. But more than that, a workshop that gives you easy-to-use tools to achieve what you never thought you could.

Tatler on Shomit’s work

The perfect mix of the spiritual and the intellectual, Dr. Shomit Mitter’s blend of yogic hypnotherapy combines the profundity of Indian meditation techniques with the efficacy of Western hypnotherapy. A highly skilled therapist, with gentle regression, he’ll unearth childhood trauma, brushing away rage, addiction or shattered dreams.