Shomit Mitter is a leading London therapist. He can teach you how to be what sportsmen call 'in the zone': a state of flow in which your desires manifest almost effortlessly. Shomit's theory is straightforward: only by managing the world 'in here' will you be able to cope with the world 'out there'. Whether you are in turmoil because of serious life difficulties, or simply want to 'fly', Shomit can give you the tools you need.

Be calm, be strong and make a little space for magic in your life!

Proud to announce that the team at Shomit Mitter Ltd has just doubled…

…from being a one-man band to being a two-person conglomerate. Thrilled to welcome my daughter Anjali to the practise! Anjali and I have begun to work collaboratively to extend the reach of some of the systems of therapy I have developed over the years. Anjali’s digital aptitude and younger mentality adds a dimension that only the next generation could bring, and with it comes access for many more people on a far greater scale.

Tatler Awards, December 2023

Blending his extraordinary powers of perception and innate wisdom with guided meditation and visualisation, Shomit gently brings you into the much-coveted, peaceful ‘flow state’, a place from which you can start to bring about instrumental change and relish the gift of being fully present

How to prevent Mental Health Issues – Wellness Curated By Anshu Bahanda

Shomit was recently interviewed by Anshu Bahanda for her platform Wellness Curated… ‘Shomit Mitter is one of London’s leading therapists. His success is in large part due to his determination to uncover the deep-seated causes of a client’s ailment rather than simply to
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