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Shomit Mitter

M.Phil (Oxon), Ph.D (Cantab), Dip Hyp Dip PLT&SRT

Shomit Mitter is a leading London therapist, particularly well known for amalgamating modern western therapeutic techniques with modalities like mindfulness and meditation that derive from ancient Indian traditions. He helps a range of people – from those who have encountered serious difficulties in their lives, to those who simply want to ‘fly’ – via one-to-one therapy, workshops and talks, and now online video streaming/DVDs – available here.

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What it really takes: with Shomit’s groundbreaking course, discover ten comprehensive, profound and exquisitely accessible approaches to becoming the Creator – rather than the recipient – of your life. The Magic of Manifestation: available online or in presentation 5 DVD box set formats.

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Workshops & talks

Shomit’s renowned workshops and talks focus on the theory – and practice – of achieving excellence. How do we remove the blocks that hold us back, and how do we access the power that will drive us forward? How do we find our way through the murky, turbulent world of fear, avoidance and pain?

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One-to-one therapy

The talent Shomit has for inspiring trust in his clients has enabled him to uncover the deepest wounds that hold them back. We all carry these ‘wounds to the soul’ – and the art of releasing the pain is as much about the cutting-edge techniques that Shomit uses as the sincere and heartfelt care that he offers.

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Chairman Kato

There isn’t a teacher doing what Shomit does. Not one person I’ve come across offers a package as comprehensive as the Magic of Manifestation. It’s a pioneering work that I believe the world needs to know about – and if I have anything
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Lisa Butcher

 Shomit is an extraordinary man, truly unique; every session I’ve had with him has left me feeling happy, uplifted and focused. Seeing him every week for me is a joy, he gives me tools that are easy to use in everyday life. Through
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A heavy-hitting therapist to change your life!

Shomit Mitter - Tatler press recommendation

The perfect mix of the spiritual and the intellectual, Dr. Shomit Mitter’s blend of yogic hypnotherapy combines the profundity of Indian meditation techniques with the efficacy of Western hypnotherapy. Any trauma release – be it a marriage breakdown or grief – is his
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— Tatler, November 2011

Shomit in Tatler’s Good Shrinks Guide

Shomit Mitter - Tatler press recommendation

A highly skilled hypnotherapist, [Shomit’s] theory is straightforward: talking things through with a therapist can help you to understand what is happening in the here and now. To understand something, though, is not the same as to shift it. So you turn up
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— Tatler, June 2015

Best sites for self motivation

If you’re seriously in need of some outside help, then take a look at the site of the esteemed hypnotherapist and past life regression expert Dr Shomit Mitter. We can vouch for him personally as a facilitator to huge life changes. A miracle
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— The Good Web Guide, September 2012


Seeking Help

Client: Shomit, I hope you don’t mind me asking your advice about something. My friend’s husband is depressed (or has those kinds of symptoms, anyway). His behaviour when he’s low is awful, and he’s low quite a lot of the time. I think you
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Client: I just keep going over what happened the day I discovered my husband’s affair… Shomit: Remember what we discussed at our last session about there being two parts of the brain: the so-called “adult” (in the frontal lobes) which is rational and can
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